All The Way#2

Migrations Europa Exchanging.

Creative process…

Relativeness and looking for authenticity.

We noticed how much sociological influences determine our behavior. Partly we reject ourselves (our failure and mistakes taken as a weakness) in the name of fame, in the name of being visible to the outside eye. Living in London is from one side a big challenge, but we are here for a reason. We are here maybe because it’s easier here than in our country of origin. But then we forgot about ourselves, we are constantly exhausted, working too hard, for too long and not eating and sleeping enough. We noticed another thing that we are afraid of; transience and vanishing from the world. We ignore ageing and more and more rely on someone else to change our body. New technologies in development will allow us to change our body as a pair of spouses and live forever. Mortality will become immortality. We forget about our body and only notice it when we are ill or injured. We forget about nature, and nature surrounding us. We forget our spirituality. Living in London is a big reason to come back to who we are, why we are here and then go beyond our fears. ‘Beyond fear takes you into the place where Love grows, when you refuse to follow impulses of fear, anger and revenge. Beyond means to feel yourself. The greatest moment is when we allow us to teach each other’ -Tina Turner

This is a journey into our insides to discover ourselves again and again.

Through research we have found:

Political body – Isolation, the need for intimacy, reflection, self-realisation: ‘I regret you’. Loneliness: ‘I regret myself”, routine, invasion, confrontation, fight

Autobiographical: transformation, wildness, empower, looking for roots, freedom, acceptance, reflex, authenticity, communication, togetherness, integration, body as NATURE, awareness.

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