All The Way#3

The specificity of London is based on multiculturalism and diversity. The ambience of the city is created by the interactions between the people with different life stories, cultures, beliefs and ethnicities. The diversity on one side is creating the dynamics of the city, but on the other side it is provoking conflict and is the cause of the clashes in power/dynamics between the privileged and less privileged. The flip side of society is that similarities in political, autobiographical or social bodies help us to connect with people who have similar national or social backgrounds to us. That is why it is common to see small, close knit communities in big cities like London e.g. the Polish and Irish community. In our creative process we would like to ask how we can overcome the differences that often create conflict. Is it possible to increase our openness to other cultures, nationalities and differences? Through our research, based on the concept of body politics by B. Allegrante, we came up with this key sentence: recognition and transformation of our stereotypical behaviour and belief in openness and acceptance.


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