Workshop 15th of May


A 4-hour intensive workshop fusing together contact improvisation and contemporary dance with capoeira techniques. The concept is to provide a general background and language these disciplines, combining them with the participants’ own ideas.

The workshops are led by Animal Radio Collective and are suitable for beginnners to advanced dancers, or just anyone interested in exploring animalistic and organic ways of moving.

The number of places are limited. If you are interested please email:

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Workshop prices:
-Those who have been on previous workshop – £35
-Full price  – £40

Book My Face

Did you like your face today? A look at how virtual identity affects the inner instinctive animal in us all, expressed through a unique fusion of contemporary dance, capoeira and contact with live music and projection.

The possibilities of creating new personal identities through the proliferation of social media, and the extent at which the identities we inhabit impact on our movement patterns, provoked us into researching the complexity of this issue. Book My Face portrays the influence of social media and contradiction in our public and private habitual behaviour

European Migration Exchanging Festival

Migration to us means a change ‘in space’. Space as a physical meaning- where we are right now? Also as a mental meaning – where is our heart at- what do we want to do? Space as a border crossing; stretching, evolving, extending. As artists we are regularly crossing geographical, physical and mental borders, and crossing our inner and outer space. London for us is like a living organism where everything evolves, extends and where anything is possible. We share the richness of influences with each other. This meaning of space for us is very inspiring, especially in the context of the European Migration Exchanging Festival.


All The Way#3

The specificity of London is based on multiculturalism and diversity. The ambience of the city is created by the interactions between the people with different life stories, cultures, beliefs and ethnicities. The diversity on one side is creating the dynamics of the city, but on the other side it is provoking conflict and is the cause of the clashes in power/dynamics between the privileged and less privileged. The flip side of society is that similarities in political, autobiographical or social bodies help us to connect with people who have similar national or social backgrounds to us. That is why it is common to see small, close knit communities in big cities like London e.g. the Polish and Irish community. In our creative process we would like to ask how we can overcome the differences that often create conflict. Is it possible to increase our openness to other cultures, nationalities and differences? Through our research, based on the concept of body politics by B. Allegrante, we came up with this key sentence: recognition and transformation of our stereotypical behaviour and belief in openness and acceptance.


New Face

We are very excited to welcome incredible visual artist Neil Emmanuel to the Animal Radio team for our performance at Resolution! Neil will create a projection for our piece ‘Book My Face’.

Neil Emmanuel has drawn his way in to many roles as a graphic designer, storyboard artist, film Maker, cartoonist / comic artist, children’s book artist, painter and photographer.As the the principle 2D motion graphics artist on the award winning show “Time Team”, Britain’s greatest historical TV show, he was responsible for creating rich and informative content for over a decade. After going freelance in 2010 he worked for many channels (BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Nat Geo, History Channel to name a few), production companies and films, using his artistic skills to create illustrated and animated motion graphics, storyboards and concept work.Neil spent a few years exploring the world of Event Scribing which has developed his communication skills. He was able to mix and learn from other talented artists and facilitators in a highly creative and dynamic environment. Being no stranger to collaboration and interdisciplinarity he has been commissioned by experts from the fields of dance, film, psychology and psychotherapy.Neil has just completed his first historical children’s book with West Midlands History: “Hunting for History: Saxon Gold,” now available on Amazon. Going forward, Neil has aspirations for satire and art direction.

All The Way#2

Migrations Europa Exchanging.

Creative process…

Relativeness and looking for authenticity.

We noticed how much sociological influences determine our behavior. Partly we reject ourselves (our failure and mistakes taken as a weakness) in the name of fame, in the name of being visible to the outside eye. Living in London is from one side a big challenge, but we are here for a reason. We are here maybe because it’s easier here than in our country of origin. But then we forgot about ourselves, we are constantly exhausted, working too hard, for too long and not eating and sleeping enough. We noticed another thing that we are afraid of; transience and vanishing from the world. We ignore ageing and more and more rely on someone else to change our body. New technologies in development will allow us to change our body as a pair of spouses and live forever. Mortality will become immortality. We forget about our body and only notice it when we are ill or injured. We forget about nature, and nature surrounding us. We forget our spirituality. Living in London is a big reason to come back to who we are, why we are here and then go beyond our fears. ‘Beyond fear takes you into the place where Love grows, when you refuse to follow impulses of fear, anger and revenge. Beyond means to feel yourself. The greatest moment is when we allow us to teach each other’ -Tina Turner

This is a journey into our insides to discover ourselves again and again.

Through research we have found:

Political body – Isolation, the need for intimacy, reflection, self-realisation: ‘I regret you’. Loneliness: ‘I regret myself”, routine, invasion, confrontation, fight

Autobiographical: transformation, wildness, empower, looking for roots, freedom, acceptance, reflex, authenticity, communication, togetherness, integration, body as NATURE, awareness.


All The Way.

Migrations Europa Exchanging.

The ability to create social relationships is dependent on our skills in verbal and non-verbal communication. Allegrante researched into the theory of an Italian scientist who discovered the “mirror neuron system”, also called MNS (Gallesse at al; 1996 Rizollatti at al.1995, Rizollatti at al 2005). The principle theory of MNS is that through witnessing another’s action the same motor neurons are fired as if the witness was making the movement him/herself. The MNS process is responsible for our ability to feel empathy towards the other person. The empathy which the human being is able to feel from the perspective of the body is called kinesthetic empathy. In order to describe the definition of kinesthetic empathy Allegrante refers to the Fausto-Sterling theory, which explains kinesthetic empathy as a way of focusing our biological awareness in relation to the other person.[1] Kinesthetic empathy is the commonly-used term by researchers but Allegrante personally prefers to use the term kinesthetic inter-subjectivity, as she believes that from the linguistic point of view empathy can be read as too much of a one–side relation. [2]

“Understanding inter-subjectivity as a kinesthetic and corporal process highlights intra-activity – how we can dynamically shift between me and not me, and how we are both within and part of the world in our improvised becomings” [3]


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